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Let's Run

Performance Marketing To Grow Your Business

We help our clients to invest in the growth and future of their company. Through expertise, dedication and testing, we discover what your audience wants to see. We have respectful, friendly and trusting relationships with our partners. 

Our team works collaboratively to redefine client goals and overdeliver on initial expectations. Servicing online brands globally, we are an innovative, young and agile team, always willing to adapt to the dynamic world of digital marketing. 

Our partners are at the heart of everything we do. It's your business, so we want you to be involved and aware of what we are doing at every stage; we are not one of those agencies that blinds you with jargon and you never have a clue what they are doing. Run DMG is a specialised performance marketing agency focused on Facebook Ads, Google ads, TikTok ads and email marketing. We do what we are good at rather than offering every service under the sun.


We have scaled numerous eCommerce brands and coaches from 5-figures in monthly spend to $200k+ and 8-figures in annual revenue. Once you are 'Up and Running', the sky is the limit. 



Our 13 Points of Culture

  • Supportive - Working as a team to help each other be better 

  • Focused - Minimising distractions and having clear goals 

  • Respect - Treating people the way you want to be treated 

  • Proactive - Taking initiative and leading, not being led

  • Creative - Coming up with new ideas and inspiration 

  • Dedicated - Being committed to exceeding client goals and doing the best work you can

  • Professional - Respecting boundaries and having a transparent relationship  

  • Consistent - Being accountable for results and striving to perform at a high level everyday

  • Trustworthy - Being reliable, dependable and giving clients peace of mind 

  • Honest - Open communication and transparency, no bullsh!t 

  • Sharing Knowledge - Continuous learning and sharing with team and clients, no gate keeping

  • Agile - Having a plan B and being adaptable 

  • Fun - Doing things we enjoy to be more productive, making the office a good place to work

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