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Want better results from your Facebook Ads this year?


At Run DMG, I do things differently to traditional agencies. Our clients aren't just 'clients', we are partners who work together to get the maximum from your Facebook & Instagram Ads.


Having spent over a decade earning my stripes in sales, marketing, and business management, consulting & managing over £5m in ad spend over the past year and scaling several brands to 7-figures; I and my small team of experts understand the challenges you face and are able to deliver real results. 


Don't struggle with your ads, get started today and let us 'Run' for you.

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Run With US

Get ahead with your Facebook Ads

Hi, I'm Gil David, founder of Run DMG. We specialize in Facebook and Instagram advertising and growing eCommerce brands. We don't pretend to do web design, SEO or offer every service under the sun just to make a few extra bucks. Our goal is to take all the hassle out of managing your ads and do your running for you (hence the name!).


I work with a small team of experts to deliver maximum results and as the only Facebook-accredited Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services in Ireland and one of less than 70 worldwide, you are in good hands.


Facebook Ads can be very daunting and it's easy to waste money quickly. We only take on a limited number of clients at a time for consulting and ads management to ensure our quality of service remains high and you are never just 'another number.' To see if we are available and your business could become our next success story, get in touch below.


Services WE Offer include


Driving Performance

I consult regularly for other businesses, agencies and Facebook Advertisers all over the world on accounts spending from a few thousand a month to £150k+. My goal is always the same: to deliver maximum impact and get the best results on the Facebook Ads metrics that matter to you most. 

Rates start from £250/$300 per hour


The Works

Need experts to set up, manage and optimize all your Facebook ads on a daily basis? You are in the right place. With over 5 years' experience running ads as well as being connected with the top Facebook Advertisers in the world, I and my team are at the forefront of all the latest updates and techniques. You will be in safe hands!
Rates start from £1.5k/$2k per month


Define and Deploy

Need more of a 'full stack' digital strategy? Together with one of our partners, we will identify areas of opportunity and build a winning digital marketing strategy to boost your business, maximising the efficiency of your budget at all times and delivered in an easily-understood, actionable format.

Rates dependent on project scope


There For You

I am flexible to suit your needs, working on retainer, project, daily and even hourly rates. Whether you need a Facebook pixel installed or an ecom setup, Facebook Ads training, an account audit or anything else to do with the platform, get in touch and I will see how I can help. Even if I can't, I probably know someone that can!

Rates start from £250/$300 per hour



I’ve worked with Run DMG on a number of social campaigns for the last few years. I'm always impressed with Gil’s approach to social ads, which is honest, refreshing and ultra focused on delivering results. 

Gil is a one of the leading voices on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads in the country.

Having seen the results he’s achieved for our clients, I can whole heartedly recommend Run DMG.


Our social media marketing was made so much easier working with Gil and Run DMG.

From campaign creation to spend management he was fully involved, and his guidance and knowledge was invaluable in decision making.

New customers were activated, and existing customers transitioned over to new venues with planned targeting guided by Gil.

The promotion was a complete success thanks to the digital expertise of Gil and Run DMG.  



Gil from Run DMG is a superb Facebook ads consultant.


After a consultation with Gil, I decided to hand the reigns over to him, his knowledge around the Facebook ads system is second to none.


If you are looking to get real results from your Facebook ads and receive the important data your marketing team will be dying to have I would recommend you use Gil David from Run DMG.

Start Running!

Get in touch today and we can arrange a call to learn more about how, together, we can drive your business forward. No hassle, no obligations. 

07793 749469

Facebook Advertising Consultant based in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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