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Sold To The Man At The Back – How The Facebook Ads Auction Works

Hit the publish button on your Facebook ads and off they merrily head for approval before going live straight to the audience you chose, right? Well, it's not quite that simple. Did you know that (unless you are using something called 'Reach & Frequency' bidding which probably only applies 5% of the time, so I won't go into it here) all your Facebook Ads go through an auction process? If your answer to that is ‘no’ or ‘auction, what auction?!’ this could be one of the main reasons your ads are failing... Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone. A surprising number of people advertise on Facebook without fully understanding how the process actually works. Particularly amongst those who haven’t v

12 Things You Need To Know From Facebook's F8 Conference

Dating! Delete your history! Virtual reality! Group video calling! Yep, updates involving all these and more were announced as Facebook held their annual F8 Conference earlier this month. Oh, you didn’t even know it was on? Luckily for you, I kept an eye on the biggest news and updates from it that you NEED to know about what the future holds for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, too. So, without any further ado, here are 12 of the biggest announcements… 1. A new CLEAR HISTORY option will be coming out soon Mark Zuckerberg announced at F8 that, similar to the old ‘clear cookies’ option in browsers - that you only ever use when your laptop is on the blink and tech support tell you to - this

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