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Do You Run A Business Page? Facebook Could Be About To Kill It

You already know how difficult it is to get much reach with your Facebook business page posts these days unless you pay for it, that is! After all, organic reach is down this year to under 5%. At least the odd post you make gets a good amount of engagement though, and if you're lucky maybe 50-75% of your followers end up seeing it and you earn a few shares and even a few organic page likes. However, if Facebook fully implements the updates they are currently testing in six countries across the world, that is all about to change. BIG TIME. Facebook is currently trialling something that would make even a measly 5% organic reach almost impossible to achieve. So far in this experiment - the firs

Are You Ready For The New WhatsApp Business?

Did you know WhatsApp is about to undergo a big revamp? WhatsApp Business is finally here...and it will bring some significant differences to everyone's favourite method of contact in 2017. There has been talk of more advertising and business features on the popular messaging app ever since Facebook bought it back in 2014 for $21.8 billion but now, 3 years later, it seems some massive changes are on the very near horizon. So what will they mean for you, both as a business and as a regular user? Read on to find out. WhatApp usage has now soared to over 1 billion daily users - and 1.3 billion monthly users (from Tech Crunch) - which demonstrates just how extensively it has cemented itself as a

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